August 23, 2022

In-Home Estimate or Virtual Survey: Which is best for you?

Whether or not you are moving across the country or across town, creating a exhaustive accounting of your stuff is necessary to your relocation to be set up for success. Over the past few years, many Chicago moving companies have augmented their initial estimate process to add virtual visits. However, were you aware that Corrigan las an industry leader offering virtual surveys for over 4 years? We’ve blended technology and best practices since 2018 to offer a perfect virtual estimation process. While other moving companies were figuring out best practices, Corrigan didn’t miss a beat when it came to serving our customers and having a simple, safe option for your up-front move consultation. Even though a lot of customers prefer welcoming us into their homes, the option of having a survey performed virtually is the new normal. So, which choice is best for your situation?

What is a Virtual Survey, anyway?

Before setting up a move with a moving company, will need a move consultation to discuss their pricing and services offered. Now many moving companies offer the option of completing this initial consultation either in-home or virtually. Though every mover has different methods, here is what you can expect scheduling a virtual survey with Corrigan Moving.

United Van Lines (who Corrigan is a leading agent for), developed their own proprietary virtual platform that’s paired with the Amazon cloud. This results in a platform that is so secure the government trusts it for many of its agencies! All must do before your appointment is download the Virtual Survey App from your device’s app store. After you download it, you are all set and ready for your appointment!

At the time of your appointment, your move consultant will send a text and email message to start your survey. This message includes a link which will open your Virtual Survey App. And voila – your consultant is right there in your home! They will take as much time as you need to talk with you about the specifics of your move and finding out what’s important to you respecting your relocation. Next, you will use your phone to walk through your home, talking and showing the items you want to move, the logistics of your home and property. When you have discussed and recorded everything, your consultant will create a detailed inventory and move plan just for you.

Fact vs. Fiction

Are Virtual Surveys Accurate?

It takes time to learn new technology and new ways of doing things. That said, many moving companies have integrated virtual surveys. Why? Because they work!

“When a move consultant is in a customer’s home, they’re talking with the customer along with creating the inventory. Virtual surveys allow our consultants the chance to review survey videos, think through the best solutions, ensuring accuracy. Being able to rely on that video throughout the move process, to allow the move coordinator to see it, sharing images from the videos with crew members and drivers can really eliminate surprises on the day of the move,” said the head of the Virtual Survey Team for Corrigan, Ashley Walsh.

“I worked exclusively in-home for about 7 years before transitioning to virtual surveys 100%,” continued Walsh. “I personally feel I am more accurate and thorough when working with a customer virtually. It allows me to focus on one thing at a time, which also allows the customer to focus on one thing at a time. They’re more likely to slow down, remember and relay all the details that are important to them, so nothing gets missed.”

Customers unfamiliar with virtual surveys may also fear that critical information, such as whether a semi-truck can park at the home, will be missed with a survey virtually.

“This really isn’t the case,” said Walsh. “When a move consultant drives to a customer’s home, they’re making notes before they knock on the door. How long the driveway is, where the truck should park, the best access into a neighborhood, are all things that are important for a moving company. When doing a survey virtually, we have several tools we use to get the same information. We most commonly use Google Maps, Zillow and Google Street View before starting the appointment. We can even measure the exact length of a road or driveway from satellite images. That allows us to know what we’re about to see, and tailor our questions and dialogue accordingly. Essentially, we’re capturing the exact same information as in-home consultants.”

Are virtual surveys faster?

We often hear of customers choosing a virtual survey appointment “because it is faster”. This isn’t necessarily the case! Our move consultants handle both in-home and virtual appointments during the day, so scheduling a virtual appointment doesn’t change anything for them to see you any sooner. If you have to have an appointment after regular hours, a virtual survey does give you more flexibility with what appointment times may be available.

When is an in-home survey better?

Sometimes having a consultant come to your home is more beneficial. Here are some circumstances to consider an in-home relocation consultation:


  • You have spotty, poor or unreliable internet connection
  • If you have several fragile pieces of artwork, glass tops, collectibles or statues that need exact measurements for crating. This can be done virtually, but you would be responsible for collecting these measurements)
  • You don’t have a smartphone or tablet device


Which survey is right for me?

At the end of the day, the choice between an in-home or virtual survey when talking with a Chicago moving company is really all personal preference. All consultants with Corrigan offer the option and both methods have been very successful for us.

“Virtual surveys are an accurate, convenient option that we’re happy to permanently offer. Allowing our customers to choose which consultation method fits their needs is just another demonstration of how Corrigan Moving Systems prioritizes the customer experience,” said Walsh.

Which one is right for you? Contact Corrigan Moving today for your free, no-obligation, in-home or virtual estimate!