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As a top rated Chicago office moving company and one of the most widely known brands in the moving industry nationwide, we have a complete knowledge of the complexities that come with relocating an office. We are proud to be a family company that dates back to 1929. As your moving partner, our objective is to eliminate the disruptions of your organization when moving. Reach out today and permit us to usher you through a stress-free move plan for your business and personnel. 

Selecting the perfect office moving company

Regardless of the size of your office, relocating it necessitates sufficient resources and a qualified project management team for an effective impact. While it may initially feel like any mover is able to complete the task, there is overwhelmingly much more to anticipate. Considering how many resources you dedicate to your company - you must entrust the relocating of your office to experts you can entirely rely on.

Over its tried and tested heritage as a company, Corrigan Moving has earned many recognitions for our value of service and commitment to customer benefit. This in itself is a indication of the optimal expertise and commitment to our craftsmanship.

Our story dates back to 1929. Although many things have changed since then, the dedication to integrity and the service of our customers has stayed a solid foundation. These ethics have allowed our family company to be one of the most reliable office movers in Chicago and throughout the country.

From the time of our modest beginnings over 90 years back, Corrigan Moving has expanded into an organization that provides exceptional relocation services for organization. Today, we are the commercial solutions supplier of choice for countless upmarket industries.

Connect with us today and advance because of our experience, capabilities, and customized approach toward each project we take on. Corrigan Moving is your ideal office moving company in Chicago for the swift and efficient conclusion of your upcoming relocation.

An excellent team of Chicago office movers

At Corrigan Moving we are committed to excellence in every job we do. We know that the movers you are entrusting with your furniture and electronics have a tremendous bearing on the end result of your relocation. Therefore, we run a complete selection process and specifically pick each of our staff. Each person on our move crew goes through a comprehensive background check and interview processes before they are able to hire on with our organization.

We not only make sure that we develop our crews with skilled experts but we further increase their knowledge with our internal training program. Corrigan Academy. This way, we perpetuate top-tier standards for quality and consistency of craftsmanship, and we deliver the revered Corrigan Moving experience. Get in touch with us today and work with the top office movers near you, for your smooth relocation.

Quality and Efficient craftsmanship that leave a lasting impression

For over 90 years, Corrigan Moving has continued to be unwaveringly committed to our main principle of serving customers with honesty. We have showed expertise in the office moving domain and are a consistent moving resource regardless of the scope of your project.

Whether you are moving your teammates internally or your whole business to new home office, Corrigan Moving provides dependable consistency in workmanship, quality, and productivity. Our long-term expertise has allowed us to launch a complex system that improves the outcomes of your office move.

By diminishing pauses effectively, our office movers near you streamline the moving process, so it’s completed with the maximum time and cost-saving benefits. That is why you need to reach out to us and move your office with assurance and at a flowing pace.

A comprehensive array of individualized office moving solutions for your maximum advantage

As a top-tier moving company throughout the nation, at Corrigan Moving we consistently raise expectations in the moving industry. Our remarkable commercial moving services are completely customizable to match the specific needs of your moving project.

Our comprehensive suite of office moving services goes much beyond the expert handling and logistics of your assets. We have staff of Chicago office movers who focus on office furniture installation and furniture decommissioning and recycling.

Make your search for office movers near me uncomplicated! We offer superior quality resources for all of your office relocation needs. Reach out today and take the initial step toward an efficient and prompt relocation, no matter the distance from beginning to end.

Complete your office move with efficiency by partnering with the best

With expertise that has developed for more than 90 years, Corrigan Moving is an industry name equivalent to unmatched moving expertise. Seeking office movers near you means reaching out to reliable professionals that will minimize the complexities of your move.

Begin customizing your foolproof office moving plan together with our specialists, and gain benefit from the productivity experience we deliver every single time.

Start planning your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our hand-picked collection of resource materials selected to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing videos, moving checklists, and important documents.