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Global Relocation Services

When you are confronted with an approaching international relocation, you need a partner who you can believe in to walk you across the complications and provide you a mainly trouble-free move. Corrigan Moving streamlines the international moving process by providing the best quality global moving solutions. These services cover many paths to ship your belongings internationally. But our services don’t conclude there. We will additionally provide you with unparalleled exhaustive help over the operation. You will be partnered with a Global Move Coordinator who will be in company every stage of the process. This person will make sure your cargo is fully prepared to clear customs and all your documents are admissible.

Corrigan Moving is the best international mover in Chicago for these reasons:

Corrigan Moving differentiates from other international forwarding individuals in various essential forms. First, while countless individuals only push legal contracts, Corrigan has a complete international relocation force. With a location in Chicago and across the Great Lakes Region in the United States, we give the labor for your move in addition to the back-office management. This enables us to direct more efficiently your moving arrangement because our distinguishing staff are giving origin or destination services. We can also keep on-top of shifting trends and innovations for global relocation services because we are on the ground daily.

An additional point why Corrigan Moving is different from other international moving transportation providers is because we are FIDI authorized. All FIDI affiliated organizations must follow the FAIM Quality Standards. These are the primary and most strict benchmarks. In order to be FIDI qualified, an independent auditing company examines our services regularly to certify we meet their standards. Just about 5% of all global moving companies are FIDI authorized. We are pleased to have FIDI qualified locations in Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Shipping Assistance

Less Than Container Load Shipments

When your international cargo doesn’t need a full transport box, we use less than container load (LCL) freights. For these shipments, your pieces will be banded and guaranteed the same way, but instead of shipping directly inside an overseas container, your objects will be placed into a large wooden box called a lift van. These lift vans are closed and hermetic. They are then moved via forklift into the overseas box along with lift vans conforming other products.

Complete Container Package Shipments

When you are relocate a big load, or complete home, we will operate a complete container for your things exclusively. Depending on the volume of your load, we will operate either a 20-foot, 40-foot, or 40-foot high-cube container. Before we load your freight inside the container, we evaluate it for every damage or problem. Then the container is swept clean to assure your freight is managed well. We will provide the overseas box to your domicile and cargo it directly on-site. Then your container will be sealed and stay locked until it is transported to your current domicile, unless a visual evaluation is demanded by customs representative.

Air Shipments

When you require items moved fast, Corrigan Moving will operate an air delivery. While much quicker than ocean shipments, air loads are much more expensive too. In that case, most people will combine an ocean shipment and an air shipment. On the air shipment they will only transport the most urgent objects and allow their furniture and other stuff to arrive on the sea direction. Since space is a premium on air deliveries, our teams perform diligently to densely box as much as possible inside the industry standard air shipment containers (E, D, and LDN).

International Moving Services

Customs Clearance Support 

When moving globally, it’s critical that your customs form-filling and registers are correct and done. Each errors will seem in your delivery being determined for observable review at the customs clearing service, demonstrating in long delays and probable fissure. Corrigan Moving will assure your documentation is accurate and precise. Because of our deep experience, we are familiar with the customs principles for the country you are translocating to and will make sure everything is in order.

Full Packing & Storage

Covering for a global delivery is more exact than for a domestic relocation. Corrigan Moving is committed to upcoming international packing standards. Our team servicing global moves are notably coached to learn the correct systems of protecting your things. A key segment to global wrapping is to pack everything very closely. This means we fit as much as possible within as little of a space as possible. Doing this ensures the lowest cost for loading and the most safety and integrity for your load.

Protection for your Property

When transporting your things all over the world, you want to ensure it is assured with Global Move Protection. Global Move Protection will compensate you if something were to occur while transport. When possible, we will restore each damaged item and when that’s an alternative, we will replace it with a new product. It’s meaningful for everyone’s peace of mind that your objects will be cared for even if the unexpected develops

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